Hacker Stephens LLP is a boutique law firm focused on representing government, business, and organizational clients in complex trials and appeals. We are committed to delivering results through exceptional advocacy for claimants and defendants before state and federal courts, including appellate courts and the Supreme Court of the United States.

The firm was founded on our belief that clients should be able to hire smart, creative lawyers offering first-rate services that many bigger firms are unable to provide at a reasonable cost.

One of our greatest strengths is our presentation of evidence and argument, but we believe that the groundwork for that success must be laid well before we walk into the courtroom. We work with our clients to develop innovative litigation strategies tailored to accomplish the client’s goals, both in present matters and over the long run. We have handled many cases at the appellate level as well as at the trial level. But we also have special expertise at developing integrated trial and appellate litigation strategies in complex cases, even before litigation starts.


One of our strengths as a partnership is providing integrated trial and appellate strategy. We also help clients by adapting litigation strategy to further their goals for particular cases as well as for long-term business or political goals. We know cases should be handled differently if settlement is the ultimate objective rather than the U.S. Supreme Court, and we have the experience and knowledge to tailor litigation strategy accordingly. And particularly for government clients, our work in public service has given us the knowledge and sensitivity needed to craft and execute effective legal strategies in light of political realities.


We believe representing clients is an honor. We are committed to providing exceptional legal advocacy that our clients can be proud of. Our skills and experience enable us to represent our clients with both quality and value.


We know what is necessary to get results and what is not, and we advise our clients honestly. Efficiency is an integral part of our practice. During our careers in public service, we learned to litigate for desired outcomes, not to increase the client’s legal bill. Clients trust us not to waste their resources on unnecessary tasks, and the combination of efficiency, fresh thinking, and high-quality work we bring to the table gives our clients maximum value and return on their investment.


Heather Gebelin Hacker, a former Texas Assistant Solicitor General, is a successful appellate lawyer who has won every case litigated to a conclusion that she has briefed and argued on appeal. Clients and colleagues value her unique ability to identify significant issues on appeal early in a case, craft and direct trial strategy to build the strongest record, and then use that record to produce compelling briefs and oral arguments that consistently win cases.

She has over 15 years of experience in high-stakes appellate and trial litigation. An award-winning brief writer, she has filed numerous briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court and federal appellate courts around the country. Heather is also an accomplished oral advocate, having argued over a dozen appeals in federal appellate courts and the Texas Supreme Court. She has also handled critical trials involving constitutional, civil rights, and statutory issues, and regularly advised senior state officials and state agencies on important legal matters.

Andrew Bowman Stephens is a dynamic, experienced trial lawyer noted for his ability to command any courtroom. For almost a decade, Andrew represented the State of Texas in its most important litigation, handling cases worth hundreds of millions of dollars and of great political value to his clients. He has led trials in significant precedent-setting cases involving complex constitutional and statutory issues, and has tried multiple institutional reform class actions. Andrew began his legal career at Shearman & Sterling LLP in New York handling high-stakes commercial cases, federal securities fraud class actions, mergers and acquisitions litigation, insider trading investigations, mortgage-backed securities litigation, and numerous other civil matters for individuals and corporate clients.

Andrew has conducted direct and cross-examinations of over fifty witnesses in federal courts, including dozens of expert witnesses. He has presented opening and closing statements to judges and juries, handled numerous pretrial and discovery hearings, motions in limine, arguments to exclude fact and expert witnesses, admitted hundreds of contested exhibits, conducted voir dire of jury panels, prepared and argued jury charges, and handled countless other evidentiary and trial-related matters.

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